Time to get away from the direct exposure from sunlight

Getting exposed to the sun will damage your skin in a high range. When you are straight to the sun the UV that the sun emits will get to your skin and they will slowly penetrate into your body. This type of exposure will make your skin to get tanned.

On the critical side of direct contact to the sun there are many chances for the person to get cancer. There are some of the hours to stay out of the sun during that time the sun will produce more amount of UV which has the ability to easily damage the skin.

When your skin gets tanned they start to damage your cells and will also change the color of your skin. There is a type of UV called UVB which has a short and high wavelength that directly come in contact with the epidermis which in simple term said to be as the outer layer of the skin.

protect skin from sun

This contact will produce inflammations in the skin and will even penetrate into the skin. This also has the chance to irritate the blood vessels in the skin and cause the skin to change its color into red. The UVB also affects the genetic material and interferes with the damage of the immune system. This is why it is said to be as the worst time to go outside in the summer.

Time to be safe

To protect your skin from sun damage it is important to avoid the sun from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. during this time the rays from the sun will be stronger. You should use thick cloths to avoid its penetration because the UV lights will be stronger during the sunny, cloudy, and even during the hazy times.

Wearing darker color cloths will protect you highly from the sunlight. Wearing dry cloths will protect your skin more than from wearing the wet ones.

Follow the shadows when you think to move out in the sunlight. By doing this you will know about what are the hours should you avoid sun exposure.

Final thoughts

It is very necessary to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. There are many chances for people to get cancer when being exposed to the sun directly specifically at particular times. Taking care of ourselves is important than anything. Be aware of prime tanning hours to protect your skin from the sun.

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